We are a TICA & CFA registered Cattery

Our primary goals are to promote the very best in development through: 

  • Supporting Genetic Research
  • Pedigree Database Research
  • Proper nutrition
  • Socialization
  • Education

Our Siberian Journey began with a mouse! 

   Researching Hypo-Allergenic Cats led to discovering the lower        allergic responses of this rare breed.  

   This led to the opportunity to welcome our first Siberian Cat as         a member of our family.  Felines in general add such a special           factor in home and family life, one can only learn from living in         a Feline household. 

   Discovering Siberian Cats are unique in so many ways, led to           a desire to become an Advocate for this truly special breed, and         share this with others.  

 Allergy Tolerance 

Allergy Tolerance has been a reality for many Siberian Cat owners.   
         Please notify us if you, or a family member has allergies.
•  Allergenic tolerance qualities unique to Siberian Forest Cat              is possible by decreased production of the notorious:                           Fel d1  Glycoprotein. 

•  The Fel d1 is a protein that cats produce, when they clean                 themselves the protein transfers onto their fur.  This protein is           the most common allergen that causes allergic reactions to cats. 

•  Lower levels in varying degrees have allowed many individuals         with allergies to enjoy and welcome Siberians into their homes.

     More information can be found at the link below:


Pronounced: KEE-VEEV

     The word QuiVive is used in a common french phrase: 

"On the QuiVive"

Which describes a guarding condition of increased watchfulness or preparation for action. 

     Our name reflects our intentions to promote and protect the integral aspects of the Siberian Breed for both  Traditional and Colorpoints.
Genetic focal points include: •Lineage
•Breed Standard
•Color depth and variety
    Our Pedigree research is focused on:  Maintaining and promoting the Health quality,   integrity of type, , temperament, and  the purity of Traditional Siberian Lineages.
     Offering the same attention to Health quality, integrity of type, and temperament for the Colorpoint Siberians also known as Neva Masquerade, became a cause, we at QuiViveSiberians  feel compelled to contribute to.