New Arrivals and Retired Adults Available   


   We usually have a nice variety of Calico, Tabbies and Shaded colors. 
Kittens can go to their new homes at 12 weeks of age.
Prices range between $1600-$2000

and up, depending on quality,color, and gender.  The kittens will qualify for registry with TICA upon proof of alteration.  A Litter Registration Certificate and Health Record of vaccinations will be provided when you bring your kitten home.

 We recognize a variety of Community Supporters SPECIAL DISCOUNTS to honor their contribution and to encourage others to consider community oriented activities.

You qualify if you have:

• Special Needs Family Member          • Police/Fire/Nurse Households
• Military Household
• VeteranHousehold                 • Teaching Household

• Ask about our special program-  SIBERIAN COMPANION PET


Kittens are raised and well Socialized to People, Dogs, all household areas & sounds

Kittens may go to their new homes at 12 weeks old

Kittens may have a Vet Visit prior to placement         

  Your kitten will have received age appropriate vaccinations 

Fully weaned, litter trained, accustomed to weekly grooming

Prices listed are for a Pet Kitten Spay/Neuter Contract

Personal delivery can be arranged (Fees vary depending on location)


We recommend a continued diet of Lifes Abundance Cat food for the first year.

This ensures provisions for our health guarantee, as well as ensuring your kittens optimal nutritional needs are met for proper growth and development.





Dawn Barsch

 (210) 275-3462





Siberian Cats are so unique in many ways. 

Often they have been described as having a personality defined as "Cats that act like Dogs."

They bond closely to their owners, are very affectionate  and playful. 

They will greet you as you enter the house, and follow you room to room. 

They like to be right in the middle of your everyday activities. 

The hypoallergenic factor has allowed many people to be able to invite this   special breed into their homes. 

They are truly an amazing breed.

Please look at our Research Links page for the internet sites where you can find out so much more about Russian Siberian Forest Cats. 


   Queen Anya

   King Sterling



















  New Kitten Arrivals         

  November 2020!